New Projects

Currently, the foundation is targeting two primary school buildings to be renovated and built as concrete school buildings equipping with full furniture for the classrooms in this 2021 of which one is located in Stung Treng province and another is located in Odda Meanchey province. One school building has 05 classrooms. One classroom can accommodate at least 30 students.

Please kindly see the current picture of primary school located in Stung Treng province.

Please kindly see the current picture of primary school located in Odda Meanchey province.

In Process Tender Projects

Currently, the organization is in the process of tender document to build two more primary schools: Kang Cham Primary School, located in village: Kang Cham, Commune: Kang Cham, District: Thala Barivat, Province: Stung Treng, and another, Romduol Veasna Primary School, in village: Rumduol Veasna, Sangkat: Bansay Reak, Municipality: Samraong, Province: Odda Meanchey

I. Project in Stung Treng Province

(1) Process

The organization has sent the bidding documents to the companies that have been evaluated by the AJF project committee to study the price. Currently, the organization is waiting to receive the bidding documents submitted by the construction company, which must be completed by October 28, 2020.

(2) Current school building

II. Project in Odda Meanchey Province

(1) Process

The organization is preparing invitations to the public from November 6, 2020 to November 20, 2020.

(2) Current school building

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