Aims at increasing opportunity and access to minimum/basic education by identifying areas that need to be renovated and built primary school building and its facility in the following areas:

List of schools to construct the new building for year 2018

No. Capital/Province District Commune Village School Name Building Amount* Level Others
Unit Room
1 Mondul Kiri Saen Monourom Saen Monourom Pu Lam Pu La Primary 1 5   1m  
2 Mondul Kiri Kaev Seima Srae Khtum Srae Ambel Srae Ambel Primary 1 5   1m  
3 Mondul Kiri Kaev Seima Srae Khtum Chhnaeng Khnong Chhnaeng Khnong Primary 1 5   1m  
4 Mondul Kiri Kaev Seima Srae Preah Ou Chra Ou Chra Primary 1 5   1m  
5 Ratanak Kiri Ou Ya Dav Pak Nhai Lom Lom Primary 1 5   1m  
6 Ratanak Kiri Ou Ya Dav Pak Nhai Pak Touch Pak Touch Primary 1 5   1m  
7 Ratanak Kiri Koun Mom Trapeang Kraham Trapeang Kraham Chrab Pring Primary 1 5   1m  
8 Ratanak Kiri Bar Kaev Leu Khuon Leu Han Leu Han Primary 1 5   1m  
9 Ratanak Kiri Ou Chum L'ak Kralong Kralong Primary 1 5   1m  
10 Preah Vihear Choam Ksant Tuek Kraham Rung Roeung 1 Ou Chunh Saenchey Secondary 1 5   1m  
11 Preah Vihear Kuleaen Srayang Cheung Srayang Srayang High School 1 6   1m  
12 Preah Vihear Kuleaen Kuleaen Tboung Kuleaen Kuleaen Primary 1 5   1m  
13 Preah Vihear Chey Saen Putrea Peuk Tuol Phtang Primary 1 5   1m  
14 Preah Vihear Chhaeb Sralau Pir Kampong Preah Ent Kampong Preah Ent Primary 1 5   1m  
15 Oddar Meanchey Trapeang Prasat Trapeang Prasat Korki Tret Korki Tret Primary 1 5   1m  
16 Oddar Meanchey Anlong Veaeng Lumtong Lumtong Thmei Lumtong Primary 1 6   1m  
17 Oddar Meanchey Anlong Veaeng Preah Pralay Tram Chan Akphivat Primary 1 5   1m  
18 Oddar Meanchey Samraong Koun Kriel Kouk Ampil Kouk Ampil Primary 1 5   1m  
19 Oddar Meanchey Samraong Koun Kriel Samraong Saenchey 2 Samraong Saenchey 2 Primary 1 5   1m  
20 Oddar Meanchey Chong Kal Pongro Kouk Sangkae Kouk Sangkae Primary 1 5   1m  

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