Aims at increasing opportunity and access to minimum/basic education by identifying areas that need to be renovated and built primary school building and its facility in the following areas:

List of schools to construct the new building for year 2018

No. Capital/Province District Commune Village School Name Building Amount* Level Others
Unit Room
1 Mondul Kiri Saen Monourom Saen Monourom Pu Lam Pu La Primary 1 5   1m  
2 Mondul Kiri Kaev Seima Srae Khtum Srae Ambel Srae Ambel Primary 1 5   1m  
3 Mondul Kiri Kaev Seima Srae Khtum Chhnaeng Khnong Chhnaeng Khnong Primary 1 5   1m  
4 Mondul Kiri Kaev Seima Srae Preah Ou Chra Ou Chra Primary 1 5   1m  
5 Ratanak Kiri Ou Ya Dav Pak Nhai Lom Lom Primary 1 5   1m  
6 Ratanak Kiri Ou Ya Dav Pak Nhai Pak Touch Pak Touch Primary 1 5   1m  
7 Ratanak Kiri Koun Mom Trapeang Kraham Trapeang Kraham Chrab Pring Primary 1 5   1m  
8 Ratanak Kiri Bar Kaev Leu Khuon Leu Han Leu Han Primary 1 5   1m  
9 Ratanak Kiri Ou Chum L'ak Kralong Kralong Primary 1 5   1m  
10 Preah Vihear Choam Ksant Tuek Kraham Rung Roeung 1 Ou Chunh Saenchey Secondary 1 5   1m  
11 Preah Vihear Kuleaen Srayang Cheung Srayang Srayang High School 1 6   1m  
12 Preah Vihear Kuleaen Kuleaen Tboung Kuleaen Kuleaen Primary 1 5   1m  
13 Preah Vihear Chey Saen Putrea Peuk Tuol Phtang Primary 1 5   1m  
14 Preah Vihear Chhaeb Sralau Pir Kampong Preah Ent Kampong Preah Ent Primary 1 5   1m  
15 Oddar Meanchey Trapeang Prasat Trapeang Prasat Korki Tret Korki Tret Primary 1 5   1m  
16 Oddar Meanchey Anlong Veaeng Lumtong Lumtong Thmei Lumtong Primary 1 6   1m  
17 Oddar Meanchey Anlong Veaeng Preah Pralay Tram Chan Akphivat Primary 1 5   1m  
18 Oddar Meanchey Samraong Koun Kriel Kouk Ampil Kouk Ampil Primary 1 5   1m  
19 Oddar Meanchey Samraong Koun Kriel Samraong Saenchey 2 Samraong Saenchey 2 Primary 1 5   1m  
20 Oddar Meanchey Chong Kal Pongro Kouk Sangkae Kouk Sangkae Primary 1 5   1m  

Preah Vihear

Oddar Meanchey

Mondul Kiri

Ratanak Kiri

New Projects

Currently, the foundation is targeting two primary school buildings to be renovated and built as concrete school buildings equipping with full furniture for the classrooms in this 2018 of which one is located in Ratanak Kiri province and another is located in Oddar Meanchey province. One school building has five classrooms with two toilets. One classroom can accommodate at least 30 students.

Please kindly see the current picture of primary school below:

Ratanak Kiri Province

Oddar Meanchey Province

Ongoing Projects

Currently, the foundation is constructing a concrete primary school building located in Kork Sangke Village, Pong Ror Commune, Chung Kal District, Oddar Meanchey Province. This school building has five classrooms with two toilets. This school building can accommodate at least 100 students. The Contractor is starting their construction works from December 17, 2018 and expect to finish on June 14, 2019. Please kindly find the relevant pictures below:

(1) Site visit and assessment before selection and recruitment of Contractor

(2) Activities of relocation of existing wooden school building

(3) Activities of ground breaking ceremony

(4) Construction progress

Completed Projects

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